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For VHP, safety is a priority!

In the mountains, there is no place for improvisation
Only the experience and knowledge of the environment can choose the sectors and itinerary for the practice of off-piste skiing, depending on the quality of the snowpack and weather conditions:

- All group members will be equipped for the Avalanche (device research avalanche victims) and you will be trained in their use.

- I am equipped with a backpack-type ABS (Air Bag System) with shovel, probe and first aid kit. A second full backpack (at least) will be provided to members of the group.

- I use radios in conjunction with permanent runway safety by the Safety Vanoise "when changing the Espace Killy, the 3 Valleys and the Maurienne and the channel" Emergency "for skiing off-track in Italy and Switzerland.
Mini radios can also be provided.

- A limited number of participants (maximum 6 people) ensures the homogeneity of the group and its security while traveling.

Follow the advice of a professional mountain to minimize risks to ineris skiing off piste and enjoy feelings of pleasure it provides.

The Espace Killy (Tignes, Val d'Isère), the 3 Valleys, the Maurienne and the proximity of Italy will offer you the most beautiful playgrounds.

Come join me.